SWQR News Update April 2023

Replacement Card Applications from Centres

We are updating our Web form to differentiate replacement applications from other application types.  This upgrade will allow you to easily identify all your replacement batches from one submission.  This will go live on 4 May 2023.

Duplicate applications

Please note that we have identified a growing number of duplicate applications being submitted by centres.  Processing, and subsequently rejecting, duplicate applications is costly and delays processing time for unique applications. 

If you are submitting an application(s) you need to check your previous submissions to ensure that you are not submitting multiple applications for the same candidate(s) and application type. 

You can do this by searching for candidate details via the unique reference(s) on the Web form(s) or, if using SharePoint, by searching the channel bar for the candidate’s name.

Therefore, from Monday, 1 May 2023, when multiple applications are submitted for the same candidate(s) for the same card type, you will be charged the standard card rate for processing those duplicate applications.