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Learn everything Candidates and employers need to know about the SWQR including how to get a new card or updating an existing one.

For information and support on completing the application process please visit our application renewal page.

How to register with SWQR

Candidates typically apply through an approved Centre using the SWQR application forms.

To receive an SWQR card:

  • you must have passed the course
  • you must be certificated by an Awarding Organisation
  • the Centre must have submitted a claim based on certification
  • the Awarding Organisation must have submitted results which match with your claim.

SWQR will then process the claim and validate it against the results.  Where there are no issues, a card will normally be issued within four weeks. The card will include a unique identification number and a Quick Response (QR) code which can be scanned to prove the card is authentic.

Where there is a discrepancy between the claim and the result file, SWQR will notify the Applicant Centre in the first instance to resolve any issues. Please allow time to resolve this issue.  If however, after six weeks of being certificated and application submitted, you have not received your card, please contact your Centre.

If the Centre does not apply for a new SWQR card on your behalf the following should be submitted:

Relevant Initial application form England/Scotland application form Northern Ireland/Wales application form A copy of your certificates An up to date passport-sized photograph And the appropriate fee.

How to renew your card if you are working in England and/or Scotland

Operatives or Supervisors working in England and/or Scotland will have to undertake a re-assessment with an approved Centre. The re-assessment can be undertaken between the first year of the card life and up to five years after the card has expired.

Please note - once the expiry date of the card has been reached, the card is no longer valid and must be renewed.

If the Centre does not apply for a new SWQR card on your behalf, then the following must be submitted:

How to renew your card if you are working in Northern Ireland and/or Wales 

Candidates working in Northern Ireland and/or Wales are required to re-register their qualifications every five years, as per the expiry date on their ID cards.  Candidates must submit the following to SWQR:

Candidates may apply for re-registration at any time after the first year of the card’s life and up to three months after the card expiry date. SWQR recommend that you apply at least six months before the card expiry date. This will allow time to process the card and deal with any issues that may arise. Should you apply after the three-month expiry period, SWQR will be unable to issue a new card. Candidates would then be required to undertake assessment and submit a new Initial Application to SWQR along with one passport-sized photograph and the appropriate fee.

How to replace a lost, stolen or destroyed card

Candidates wishing to replace an ID card should notify SWQR immediately. A replacement can be requested by submitting:

Alternatively, replacement requests can be taken over the telephone using a credit or debit card for payment, provided that SWQR holds a current photograph.

Please note:  SWQR are unable to issue expired ID cards, and all replacement cards and all are issued on a “like for like” basis.

How to obtain a copy of your certificate

Candidates requiring copies of certificates, or enquiring about the status of their certificates must contact the Centre.  Where a Centre is no longer contactable, then the Candidate must contact the Awarding Organisation.

Awarding Organisations contact details

How to book a training course/assessment

SWQR cannot register Candidates for courses. This request should be directed to the Centre.

Information on Centre and courses in your local area can be obtained from the Awarding Organisations:

I haven't received my card(s). What should I do

If an assessment or training course has been undertaken then you should always contact your Centre in the first instance, as they will normally apply for the ID card on your behalf. If they have not, then apply for a card

If you have not undertaken an assessment (i.e. re-registration or replacement), and you have not received your card after six weeks of submitting your application, please contact us.

Where will my card be sent?

SWQR ID cards will be sent to the address on the application form. If you have undertaken an assessment, the card will normally be sent to the Centre. If your Centre or employer is applying on your behalf, please contact them to find out how and when you will receive your card.

I have received my card but the details are wrong. What should I do?

If you have undertaken an assessment (i.e re-assessment, initial and additional qualifications), you must contact your Centre in the first instance. If you have not undertaken an assessment (i.e. re-registration or replacement), then please contact us.

The incorrect card must be returned to SWQR, together with a cover letter detailing the discrepancies. We will investigate the issue/s and contact you to discuss our findings and the best way forward for resolution.

Can I use any type of photograph for my card?

No, SWQR needs a passport-style/quality photograph to issue an SWQR card. For further details, please see our photo guidelines.

Why aren't all of my qualifications shown on my card?

Cards issued prior to 2017 for England and Scotland and cards issued under the current the legislation for Northern Ireland and Wales are issued with "Group Award" qualifications rather than individual units. This means rather than having three single units shown on the rear of the card, they will be collated to make one "Group Award"..

Below is an award breakdown, this will explain what each "Group Award" contains.

Qualification Breakdown For Northern Ireland and Wales

Qualification Breakdown For England and Scotland


Contact Information


Application Type Amount
Initial Registration  £27.95
Re-assessment £27.95
Additional Qualifications £22.35
Re-registration  £22.35
Replacement  £22.35

Valid until April 2020