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If you require a Street Works ID card for employment covered by the New Roads and street Works Act 1991, then you are required to attend an approved Training Provider to obtain the relevant qualifications. To find the nearest provider to you, please contact any of the awarding organisations listed on our contact page.

The Training Provider will be able to offer you advice on which units you may need to hold as well as information surrounding costs and duration of each course or unit. When contacting the Awarding Organisations, namely, CABWI, C&G, SQA and LANTRA for details, we do suggest that you contact all four and take note of several providers’ contact details, as the costs and availability will vary. The costs of the course are set by the training provider for which the register has no control over.

If you have any questions relating to scheme content or delivery, please contact the relevant Awarding Organisation.

Employers who are unsure whether their employee holds a current valid SWQR ID card can contact the register via telephone or email and we can confirm the current expiry date(s) and the unique ID number for the employee.

The Awarding Organisations work closely with the SWQR to ensure that each qualified operative or supervisor can be issued with a durable ID card to confirm that they have the appropriate qualifications. Operatives and supervisors may be required to produce their ID cards while working on site and they should therefore be carried at all times. Street Works cards must be renewed every five years and the renewal process is detailed in the application process part of the web site. SWQR registration must remain current in order for someone to act as a qualified operative or supervisor undertaking work covered by the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

SWQR collects information about candidates on behalf of the Department for Transport.

This information is used to administer the Street Works Qualification Register and to produce SWQR ID cards.

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