About SWQR

What is SWQR?

We are authorised by the UK Government Transport Departments to maintain the Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR). Under the New Roads and Street Works Act, 1991 (NRSWA); Candidates with a certificate from an Awarding Organisation can be issued with an SWQR card.

Based in our Glasgow office we work with hundreds of Centres to issue over 50,000 ID cards per year for use in the UK. We hold and maintain a range of information about Candidates including current and historical card details.

What does the SWQR do?

Our key responsibilities include:

  • Quality assurance of the validity of Candidate claims against Awarding Organisation results
  • Providing support to Candidates who want to register, renew or update their SWQR ID card
  • Guiding Awarding Organisations and Centres who wish to gain approval to offer qualifications.
  • Maintaining close links with Centres, Awarding Organisations and key industry representatives
  • Working with competent authorities to carry out on-site inspections to ensure Candidates are on the Register, hold a valid ID card and have the appropriate qualifications

Our Policies

SWQR are committed to deal with all of our stakeholders and customers openly and transparently. The Following policies outline how and why we use your information as well as defining our complaints policy.



Contact Information


Application Type Amount
Initial Registration  £27.95
Re-assessment £27.95
Additional Qualifications £22.35
Re-registration  £22.35
Replacement  £22.35

Valid until April 2020