SWQR application processing and validation of candidate details

The Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR) aims to validate candidate details held on our register and ensure that all records match the certificates issued to candidates. 

From Monday 1 May 2017 where discrepancies arise between the candidate application and the awarding body results for that candidate, SWQR will issue the candidate’s SWQR card based on the candidate certification information.  

For example if we receive an application which does not include the candidate’s middle name/initial but the awarding body certification results include this information, then the SWQR card will be issued with the candidate’s middle name/initial.  

This will also include discrepancies in dates of birth, forenames and surnames.  

Should the discrepancy be substantial ie where the majority of the application details do not match the candidate certificate results, SWQR will contact the centre to discuss these before issuing the SWQR card.  

We would ask centres and awarding bodies to work together to ensure that the candidate details submitted to SWQR on the application match those on the candidate certification results.  

SWQR will be able to update and issue replacement cards if required. Any card changes must match the certification results and this will incur the relevant replacement fee. 

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