June 2021 update

Card Production

We are continuing to work through applications submitted during the lockdown, whilst still operating under continued government restrictions.  As previously indicated, we are working through the applications by the date they were submitted and ask that you remain patient until we are advised that we can return to normal operations.

Digital Applications

The digital applications have now been in use for some weeks, over this period we have identified that applications are having to be rejected because they do not meet the photograph Guidelines, or they have been completed incorrectly with erroneous information (Dates of Birth, Awarding organisation numbers etc.).  Please ensure that any photographs and data are accurate, complete, and meet the Street Works’ requirements, otherwise applications will have to be resubmitted resulting in delays in cards being despatched.

Candidates applying for Re-registration are reminded that their cards are valid for 5 years, and they can apply to renew their cards anytime during that 5 years and up to 3 months after the card validity date.  If your card is no longer valid and has been invalid for more than 3 months you cannot renew it, you will need to undertake a completely new assessment.

For centres completing multiple applications, using Google Chrome will provide the best user experience in terms of auto filling fields etc.

Candidate Searches

Centres are contacting us requesting whether candidates are on the Register, to identify whether they can be Re-Assessed.  When a candidate presents themselves for Re-Assessment, they should be able to produce their existing card to the centre.

Candidates having undertaken an Initial Assessment, or previous Re-Assessment, can re-assess any time during the card’s 5-year validity and up to 5 years after the card’s validity.  As we are focussing on application processing and card production, we are asking that centres check candidate eligibility to re-assess themselves rather than contacting us.

Keeping up to date with changes affecting Street Works

You can sign up to our License Reminder and Alerts service on our website at www.swqr.org.uk/SWQR/subscribeToAlerts 

You can also check our website for our regular updates on changes to our application processing etc.