Important changes to SWQR applications

New fees as of 1 April 2017

  • Initial registration £26.40
  • Re-assessment registration £26.40
  • Additional qualification £21.10
  • Re-registration application £21.10
  • Replacement card application £21.10

Department for Transport advised new re-assessment time lines

Scenarios which detail the time period of a certified re-assessment and the subsequent impact on the expiry date of the re-assessed unit:

  • RA certified more than 48 months before current expiry = certificated date + 5 years
  • RA certified between 48 months & 12 months before current expiry = certification date + 6 years
  • RA certified in the 12 months prior to current expiry date = expiry date + 5 years
  • Valid RA certified after current expiry date = certification date + 5 years (it is now possible to apply up to 5 years after current expiry date).

Notification of system downtime

Due to new legislation, SWQR have undergone a system change to allow all applications for England to be processed under the new format.

Please note that to implement these changes, SWQR’s current system will be going off-line temporarily. The date(s) for this downtime will be notified on our website shortly. An e-mail will also be sent to all training providers. This means that there may be a slight delay to our normal application processing times. We kindly ask for your patience during this period and will endeavor to resume normal service as soon as possible.

New application forms

If working in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, use the Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales initial/additional qualifications form for all initial and additional qualifications applications.

For re-registration applications (only applicable to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) please use Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales re-registration form.

If working in England use the England initial/additional qualifications/re-assessment form for all initial, additional qualifications and re-assessment applications.

All replacement requests should be made using the UK replacement card form which is applicable throughout the UK.

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