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A Training Provider approved to offer assessments leading to the Street Works Qualifications must be notified to the SWQR by the relevant Awarding Organisations in order to be placed on the register. This enables the training provider to submit the application forms for registering candidates on the SWQR. New Training Providers should check with the SWQR if their details have been passed on. If this is not the case, a Centre Registration Form will be provided for completion.

If you are not currently an approved Training Provider but wish to become one, please contact any of the Awarding Organisations for information on the process. The SWQR currently provides durable ID cards for candidates who successfully pass courses at Training Providers approved by City & Guilds, the Certified Awarding Body for the Water Industry (CABWI), LANTRA and the SQA.

Initial, Additional Qualifications form for Northern Ireland and Wales will be used for registering the qualifications for new candidates and for candidates adding additional qualifications to their existing ID card. This form is applicable to Northern Ireland and Wales only.

Re-Registration Form for Wales and Northern Ireland will be used for re-registering the qualifications, as is current practice in Northern Ireland and Wales. The form contains the option to pay by centre number for existing centres or by cheque or credit card payment for individual candidates.

Initial, Additional Qualifications, Re-assessment form for Scotland and England should be used for all candidates wishing to carry out any work in England and Scotland. This will be under the new qualification structure. This includes all initial applications in England and Scotland, Re-assessments and additional qualifications.

See application process for more information.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the training provider to ensure that the information held by the register is kept up to date and that any changes (eg address or primary contact) are notified to the register. The register uses email as a fast and efficient means of communication and therefore an email address is vital to ensure that all centres receive information on changes to prices or processes.

The Register can provide a service for road/highway authorities, utilities, and prospective employers anxious to check whether an operative or supervisor is on the Register. This service is available through a written response to a letter from an employer, or as a written response to a telephone enquiry. In both instances the response will be provided within 5 working days and will be charged according to our current fee structure. The information given in this instance will include the unique ID number, the current expiry date and the qualifications gained by the candidate.

Alternatively, if the enquiry is primarily to assess whether an SWQR ID card is held by a candidate, a verbal response to a telephone enquiry will be free of charge but will only give information in relation to valid expiry date and unique ID number for the candidate.

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