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Initial Application

How do I get on the Street Works register?

You will need to attend an approved training provider in order to sit the necessary qualification to obtain a Street Works ID card.  This course is offered over several days and length of course will be determined by the amount of units you wish to undertake.  This advice will be given by the training provider.

I have sat an SWQR course, where can I get my results?

Your results will be available from your training centre and then will appear in certificate format from the Awarding Body e.g. City & Guilds

I sat an SWQR course a while ago but have never received a card – why?

Please check with your training provider to confirm that they have submitted the relevant documentation to us for registering. 

I need a copy of my certificates, where can I get these?

Contact the Awarding Body who originally produced them and they will tell you the process of obtaining replacements, all contact contact information can be found on our contact us page.

Where is my nearest training provider?

The awarding bodies associated with the certificates, will be able to advise you of this.  Please contact the Awarding Bodies, Their detail can be found on our contact us page.

Additional Qualification

Why haven't I been given any extra time on my card after my Additional Qualificaion?

In Wales and Northern Ireland current legislation states that that to renew your card you must complete a Re-registration application form.  As there is no requirement for you to complete any kind of assessment you are not being penalised for this lack of extra time.


Can I use my Re-assessed ID card in Wales or Northern Ireland?

The re-assessed ID card is only mandatory in England and Scotland only but will be valid for the rest of the UK .

How much is the Re-assessment and what does it entail?

The cost of re-assessment is set by the individual training providers,  so when calling awarding bodies make sure you obtain a few telephone numbers as prices and training dates will vary.  The tests are multiple choice and approximately 30 minutes per unit.  You should re assess in the units you currently hold and wish to keep as you will lose those that you do not re-assess in.   For more information contact the training providers running these courses.

What if I fail the Re-assessment?

If you do not pass your re-assessment with the first attempt, you may re-sit.  There will be a cost implication for this, so the final decision rests with the candidate.  You may also fully re-take initial training.

Can candidates still work if they have exceeded their expiry date but have booked a Re-assessment test?

Once an expiry date of the ID card has been reached it is no longer classed as valid.  It is up to employers and health and safety officers if they wish this person to work for them during this period.  The card is classed as invalid and candidates cannot be the legal card holder for a job that requires one to be on site. 


How many Street Works operatives or supervisor cards do you need per gang?

Please refer to Section 67 of the New Roads and Streetworks Act for information surrounding this.

Does everyone working on site require to have a valid Street Works ID card?

Section 67 of the New Roads and Street Works Act states that at least one person per gang should hold the relevant qualifications that are required for the work being carried out.  Please check with the Local Authority what stipulations have been set by them for the area or purpose of this piece of work.  Some Local Authorities require all individuals to hold ID cards. 

I have lost my Street Works Card but am I able to work without it?

The decision would be entirely down to any future employer and the register cannot comment on this.  

General Application Questions

How long should the application process take?

Please allow up to 1 month from receipt of complete and accurate application forms for the card to be produced.  Any application that has been returned with errors will be treated as first time receipt on its return to the office for processing.  All cards are subsequently posted by First Class Post. 

Am I on the Street Works register?

In order to check this we would require your full name and date of birth.  This will allow us to search our system and confirm whether you are registered or not.  Please contact the office on 0345 270 2720.  Alternatively, you can complete the form on the "Contact" page of our website. Please include in your message your full name and date of birth.

I have received my ID card but there is a problem/error with it?

Please contact the training centre you attended and they will then take this up with the register.

What type of photograph do you require?

Please see SWQR’s photographic requirements.

I have lost my Street Works card, how can I obtain a replacement?

You can apply for a replacement ID card using our application form which is available on our website to download or can be emailed to you.  There will be a charge for this which is noted on the form.  Please note that you are able to pay over-the-phone with a credit/debit card by telephoning 0345 270 2720.  If you need or wish therefore to submit the application form, credit/debit payment is still available along with the option to pay by cheque/postal order.

Do you need a Street Works card for cutting hedges?

It is not a legal requirement if the work is for local authority or landowner purposes to hold the Streetworks Qualification.  It would however be a legal requirement for work to clear around overhead cables for utility purposes on the highway for the Signing, Lighting and Guarding.

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